When was Catherine Tate show on?

The Catherine Tate Show
Original releaseInitial series: 16 February 2004 – 25 December 2007 ‘Nan’ Specials: 25 December 2009 – 30 December 2015
Related showsCatherine Tate’s Nan
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How many series did Catherine Tate show are there?

Three series
The Catherine Tate Show is a British comedy sketch series that premiered on 16 February 2004. It aired on BBC Two from 2004 to 2006 and on BBC One from 2007 to 2014. Three series were aired between 2004 and 2006, with two Christmas specials between 2005 and 2007 and a Comic Relief special in 2007.

How did Catherine Tate start?

Tate began her television acting career with roles in serial dramas such as The Bill and London’s Burning. Tate started stand-up comedy in 1996, and has appeared in comedy series such as The Harry Hill Show and That Peter Kay Thing. She played the part of Kate in the unaired pilot episode of sitcom Not Going Out.

How old is Catherine Tate Show?

52 years (December 5, 1969)
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Is Dawn French in The Catherine Tate Show?

The action centres around Angela (Catherine Tate) and Mary (Dawn French), a lesbian couple who run the local town store and post office.

What has happened to Catherine Tate?

Six years after her last major TV series, she has created, directed and will star in a new comedy drama called Hard Cell, set in a women’s jail called HMP Woldsley. … Last year, Catherine reprised her role as Lauren for the BBC’s Big Night In – one of the last times she was on our TV screens.

Why Catherine Tate left Doctor Who?

Why Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble Was Just A 1-Season Companion. When it came to Donna, the plan was always for her to be a one-season companion, due to what was coming in the following series. … If Donna ever remembered their time together, it’d kill her, hence why the Doctor stayed away from her.

Are Catherine Tate and David Tennant friends?

We’re friends, and we’ve known each other for a long time, so there’s a shorthand, like there is with me and David Tennant. It’s always great doing audio stuff,” she added.

Is Catherine Tate married to Jason Orange?

Is Catherine married? No, but she is engaged!

What did Rose whisper to Donna?

When asked if she remembered Rose’s name, Donna said she was never told it, but she does remember the two words Rose whispered into her ear: “Bad Wolf”.

Was Catherine Tate pregnant during Dr Who?

Catherine became pregnant before filming Wild West (2002) and in the first series is very clearly showing under the baggy cardigans and hippy clothes she wears to play Angela. … She joined David Tennant (the Doctor) and Freema Agyeman, the previous companion, halfway through the fourth series.

Why did Bill Potts leave Dr Who?

The Doctor later invited her to join him on a journey through space and time. On her adventures with the Doctor and Nardole, Bill travelled to a human colony planet and visited the last of the great frost fairs. … After setting the TARDIS to take the Doctor away, Bill left with Heather to explore the universe.

What was the bug on Donna’s back?

The Time Beetle
The Time Beetle was an insectoid creature resembling a giant stag beetle that was capable of manipulating time. According to the Tenth Doctor, it was “one of the Trickster’s Brigade”.

Why did Rose Tyler appear in partners in crime?

The key reason for this was that no one was expecting it. While everyone knew Rose was coming back, we also knew that it wouldn’t be until the very end of the series. At least, that was the impression we had been given. Having her show up long before that, and not even remotely expect it, was a very nice touch.

What is the trickster Sarah Jane Adventures?

The Trickster is the villain of a Doctor Who: Legacy storyline, named “The Trickster Event”. Initially the character’s name was only given to the being by Alan Jackson as a description of him and was referred to by that title in the end credits. In The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith, he called himself “the Trickster”.

When did Donna leave the doctor?

Donna Noble
Doctor Who character
A publicity shot from the episode “The Unicorn and the Wasp”.
First appearance“Doomsday” (2006)
Last appearance“The End of Time” (2010)

Is Doctor Who a camp?

Camp was just a part of the science fiction of the time. Naturally, Doctor Who was not immune to that campiness. While the first few incarnations of the Doctor did not have that much in the way of blatant camp, that quickly changed.

Why did the Doctor wipe Donna memory?

Time Lord brain patterns (the “DoctorDonna”) had been implanted in her human brain during the events of Journey’s End. Her human brain couldn’t handle that and was breaking down, so the Doctor had to inactivate those brain patterns, which unfortunately also meant suppressing her memories of her time with the Doctor.

Did Donna Noble win the lottery?

A temp from West London, Donna found herself transported aboard the TARDIS as she was walking down the aisle on her wedding day. Fortunately, the Doctor saved her from marrying Lance – who’d made a deal with the Empress of the Racnoss. … He later bought Donna and new husband Shaun a winning lottery ticket.

What is the Doctor’s real name?

The Doctor will never have a real name other than “The Doctor” and whatever aliases he assumes (i.e. “John Smith”). In the mythos of the show, River Song knows his real name.