What does montage mean?

Definition of montage

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : the production of a rapid succession of images in a motion picture to illustrate an association of ideas. 2a : a literary, musical, or artistic composite (see composite entry 2 sense 1) of juxtaposed more or less heterogeneous elements.

What is another word for montage?

What is another word for montage?

What is montage with example?


In a musical montage, the shots are accompanied by a song that somehow fits with the theme of what’s being shown. For example, a montage might show a young couple going through a series of increasingly intimate dates while a romantic song plays in the background.

What does montage mean literally from the French?

Borrowed from French montage (“assembly, set-up”), from monter (“to mount; to put up”) + -age (“suffix forming a noun meaning ‘action or result of something’”) (from Latin -āticum (“suffix forming a noun indicating a state of being resulting from an action”)).

What is opposite of montage?

Opposite of a composite work created by assembling or putting together various elements. disarray. interruption. stoppage. single frame.

What’s a montage picture?

a combination of several photographs joined together for artistic effect or to show more of the subject than can be shown in a single photograph. Also called montage.

How is montage pronounced?

Is Montage masculine or feminine?

The gender of montagne is feminine. E.g. la montagne.

Is Montage masculine or feminine in French?

montage {masculine} 6.17. 3 SCHÉMA DE MONTAGE Le sommet d’une plaque d’identification arrière doit être dirigé vers le haut.

What is the meaning of montage in Urdu?

1) montage

Noun. A paste-up made by sticking together pieces of paper or photographs to form an artistic image. ایک عکسی تصویر میں کئی تصویری عناصر کو یکجا کرنے کا فن یا عمل

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