What does Munted mean slang?

Less sexist is its corruption, “munted”. According to Urban Dictionary, that refers to “an object (or person) as broken, ruined, significantly damaged, disfigured or deformed, often to the extent that it is not reversible or repairable”.

What does Munted mean in Australia?

Filters. (Australia, New Zealand, slang) Intoxicated (by drugs or alcohol). adjective. 1.

What does Munted mean in British?

munted in British English

(ˈmʌntɪd ) adjective. 1. New Zealand slang. (of an object) destroyed or ruined.

Is Munted a swear word?

Contributor’s comments: re: ed’s Q – munted is not a “swear” word per se. … Contributor’s comments: Munted in Perth means ‘srewed up’ or ‘broken’ whereas when I’ve used that word in Melbourne I get funny looks cos here it means ‘vomited’ as in ‘I munted last night’.

Where did the term Munted come from?

From Scottish Gaelic mùin (“to urinate, piss”), thus analogous to the sense “pissed”.

What does Munted mean in NZ?

Munted: When something is really broken or someone is highly intoxicated. As in “That fulla is munted!”

What does it mean to YEET?

Yeet is an exclamation of excitement, approval, surprise, or all-around energy, often as issued when doing a dance move or throwing something.

Is Gronk a swear word?

(Australia, derogatory, informal) An unintelligent and callous person.

Why do Kiwis say togs?

Togs: Important if you are visiting NZ during the summer. ‘Togs’ translates to ‘swimsuit‘ or ‘bathing suit’ or ‘bikini’ or ‘swimming shorts/trunks’. … If someone in New Zealand describes something as ‘sweet as’ it means they are happy for the proposed idea to go ahead or they are happy with an outcome.

What is Coppers New Zealand slang for?

Cuz or cuzzie is short for cousin and is used in a similar way to bro or as an alternative.

Why do Eshays say Gronk?

Eshay Language

Common phrases in their urban slang include illchay, meaning chill or relax; eetswa, meaning sweet or good; and adlay, meaning lad. Other words include ashcay (cash), gronk (an annoying person), and staunching (stealing from someone).

What does GONK mean slang?

A stupid or dull person. noun.

What does OBG mean in slang?

thank you
Interjection. obg. (Internet slang, text messaging) Abbreviation of obrigado (“thank you” – male) (Internet slang, text messaging) Abbreviation of obrigada (“thank you” – female)

Are 270s eshay?

Popular “eshay” shoes include nike air max tn, nike air max 97, nike air max 270, asic quantum 180 and asic quantum 360. These shoes will be worn with no or very low cut socks. “Eshays” often abuse illegal subtances. The most popular substances that “eshays” abuse are “nangs”, “cannabis”, “caps” and “alcohol”.

Is an eshay a chav?

Essentially they’re the Australian version of the British roadman or chav, but an eshay by any other name is still an eshay.

Why do Eshays speak pig Latin?

One explanation contends the term derives from Eshay Adlay which is pig Latin for He’s Lad, this is in reference to the term Lad which is often interchangeable with Eshay. Others suggest the word is related to sesh, a term commonly used to describe a prolonged period of drug-consumption.

Why do lads wear TNs?

The shoes were an emblem of thuggish anarchy, a subtle air-raid to your peers that you were “doing well” off the street. When you wore TNs you became part of an underground movement governed by the remnants of DMX, the Slim Shady EP, and graffiti culture.

Why are TNs Eshay?

A culture that captured the idea that in order to be different, whilst still remaining dangerous in the eyes of your peers, you needed to be fitted in the freshest clothes you could steal. This was the birth of the ‘Lad’ or ‘Eshay’ culture. A national identity that was known synonymously with a pair of Air Max ‘TN’s.

Is Eshay Australian?

Music. Eshays or Lads have often been synonymous with Australian Hip Hop in its various forms. … While UK Drill echoes the Roadman subculture of the UK, in Australia the drill scene is born from the Sydney Searchers subculture, nowadays called Lads or Eshays, which has seen a massive revival in popularity.

Why are Eshays called Eshays?

The word ‘Eshay’ is a Pig Latin derivative of the word sesh or session, which is the traditional Australian past-time of hanging out, binge drinking and taking drugs in a small to medium group of friends.

What does TNs Nike mean?

Sara Tembo: TN or Tuned 1. Nike Tuned shoes. Nike TNs, or Nike Tuned shoes, are blow-moulded sneakers with rubberized hemispheres in strategic sole positions that provide exceptional support. Tuned | Foot Locker Australia.

Are TNs good for running?

Released back in 1998, the Air Max Plus (also known as the Nike Tns) is best renowned for its Tuned Air technology which featured a system of Tuned pods that offered runners (yes people ran in these) high-performance impact protection.

What are Roadmen?

Definition of roadman

1a : one who works at the building and repairing of roads and especially of logging roads. b : one who makes, repairs, or keeps clean the roads of a mine.

How do you speak Eshay?