Can I move Steam to an external hard drive?

Access the folder containing the one Steam just opened. By default, the folder will be named “common.” Find your game’s folder inside this one. Press the Control + X key combination to cut the File and go to an external drive. Copy the File, and you’re all done.

How do I move Steam games to another drive without downloading?

Close Steam and head to your Steam folder or library via Windows (probably C:\Program Files\Steam (x86)). Copy and paste your Steam folder to the new location (rename the old folder and leave it in the original directory as a backup — or delete it if desired).

How do I add another Steam library?

Once in Steam’s settings, switch to the “Downloads” tab, and click “Steam library folders” at the top. Click “Steam library folders” at the top of the “Downloads” tab in the settings. To add a new Steam library folder, click “Add library folder” in the bottom-left corner of the “Steam Library Folders” window.

How do I change where Steam installs?

Right click the game’s title and select “Properties…” Select the “Local Files” tab and then select “Move install folder…” From the drop down menu you can then select the Steam Library folder location you want to move the game’s installation to.

How do I move my Steam library location?

To move an installed game once you’ve added a second library, right-click it in your Steam library and select “Properties”. Click the “Local Files” tab and click the “Move Install Folder” button. Select the Steam library you want to move the game to and click the “Move Folder” button. You’re done.