Who is the wife of Kai in Beyblade?

In the Beyblade epilogue, Kai is married to an unknown and unseen woman, with whom he has a son named Gou (Go) Hiwatari, who is seen blading with Makoto, Tyson’s son. Gou has an uncanny resemblance to Kai.

Who is Kai Hiwatari son?

Goh is the son of Kai Hiwatari. He is very much like his father, not only in appearance but in personality as well and a little bit like his mother.

Who is the wife of Ray in Beyblade?

At the end of the manga series, Ray and Mariah are married and have a daughter named Lin. Mariah reprimands her when she kicks Daichi’s left leg after he called her tiny. In Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: Rising, she and Rei are a couple and she is mostly seen hanging around him for this reason as well as the Bladebreakers.

Do Tyson and Hilary love each other?

At first, Hilary had a crush on kai in beyblade v force. But in g revolution, Hilary was more close to Tyson and also liked him. I am really not sure that Tyson really LIKES Hilary, but he has a soft spot of feelings towards her and also he saved her at times, in g revolution he also had little respect for her.

Is Kai Hiwatari dead?

Nope he didn’t die in the end. He faced powerful opponent Brooklyn and he succeeded in beating him. In that battle he gave everything he had but his Beyblade was destroyed in the end. At last episode the show Tyson and Kai getting ready for bey battle by showing something’s never change.

Who is the son of Tyson in Beyblade?

Makoto Granger
The plot revolves around Makoto Granger, the son of Tyson Granger who enters the “25th Super Battle Tournament” in an intend to defeat a rival. While there, Tyson meets up with his old childhood best friends, Chief, Max Tate, Ray Kon and Kai Hiwatari, in a great throwback to their past selves.

Why did Kai lose to Zeo?

In the beyblade rising (manga), Tyson denotes that Kai defeated him during their final battle (the last ever battle of the manga series. In the anime, it’s the final battle after BEGA is defeated). So, Kai had defeated Tyson when he was the strongest, so it’s easy for him to defeat Zeo.

Does Kai get Dranzer back?

He had given this spinning top to Kai after Dranzer Volcano’s Attack Ring got damaged in a fight with King and Queen. It lost its Bit-Beast spirit in a match with Zeo, who took Dranzer away. It was later returned to Kai after Tyson defeated Zeo.

Is Kai from Beyblade Russian?

In the fandom it is often assumed Kai is Russian, however it is entirely debatable that Kai is in fact Russian at all; his father’s name is Susumu Hiwatari, and little is seen of his mother. It is possible he is of Japanese descent and merely grew up in Russia.

Who is Kai’s best friend in Beyblade?

“Yes, it’s Tala. Despite his cocky attitude and ego the size of Lake Baikal, yes, it’s him.” Kai said, more to himself than the others.

What are the 4 Sacred bit-beasts?

The four Bit-Beasts used by the main characters (Dranzer, Driger, Dragoon and Draciel) are representations of the four sacred beasts, Suzaku (Red Vermilion bird of fire, Dranzer), Byakko (White Tiger of gold, Driger), Seiryu (Blue Dragon of wood, Dragoon) and Genbu (Black Turtle of water, Draciel).

Is Kenny a boy or girl in Beyblade?

Appearance. In the Original series, Kenny is a young boy with messy light brown hair covering his eyes, and blue glasses propped up on his head.

Who is ZEO in Beyblade?

Zeo Zagart (ザガート レオン Zagāto Reon) is a recurring character in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: V-Force. He becomes a member of the Bladebreakers temporarily and later, Team Zagart. His Bit-Beast and Beyblade is Burning Cerberus.

How do you be like Kai in Beyblade?

Personality matters.

Kai is a hard worker who is a cool, serious and rather unsociable person, but is full of ability in Beyblading by self-education. Never back down and be willing to ‘walk the walk’. Don’t stand for silliness. Always try to prove that you’re the best, but don’t go out of your way to do it.

How old is Kai white?

Who is Kai Whyte? Whyte is 21-year-old South Londoner who is now also Britain’s first ever BMX silver medallist in the men’s category.

When did Kai get black Dranzer?

Major Events. The Bladebreakers run into Tala and Ian from the Demolition Boys. This episode introduces Black Dranzer. Kai is given Black Dranzer and joins BIOVOLT.

Who is Chris in Beyblade?

Chris (クリス, Kurisu) is one of the main characters that appears in Beyblade: Metal Fury. He is a blader for hire, who goes around winning battles for payment.