How do you say 1 in French?

17 = 10 + 7, dix-sept. 18 = 10 + 8, dix-huit. 19 = 10 + 9, dix-neuf.

Numbers in French: 1-20.
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Jul 24, 2020

How do you count from 1 to 10 in French?

Zéro, un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix.

How do you pronounce deux?

Deux is pronounced /dø/. Sound /d/: place the tip of your tongue on the ridge behind your upper teeth.

What are the numbers 1 to 100 in French?

French Numbers 1-100: How to Count to 100 in French
1 un11 onze91 quatre-vingt-onze
2 deux12 douze92 quatre-vingt-douze
3 trois13 treize93 quatre-vingt-treize
4 quatre14 quatorze94 quatre-vingt-quatorze

How do you count to 8 in French?

Why do the French not have a word for 70?

Switzerland uses ‘septante’ for 70, ‘octante’ or ‘huitante’ for 80 and ‘nonante’ for 90. In some parts of Belgium, some of these are used too. So why didn’t the French think of this? … Many believe it ended up in French due to the influence of the Celts in France, whose languages use the base 20 system.

How do the French use the 24 hour clock?

French numbers

In French, time is usually based on the 24-hour clock, like military time. Instead of 1 to 11 a.m., followed by 12 to 11 p.m., the clock continues counting up from 12, so that 1 p.m. is 13, 2 p.m. is 14, all the way up to 24.

How do you count 70 to 100 in French?

Why do French say four twenty?

“four-twenties”; quatre-vingt-dix “90” lit. “four-twenty-ten”) is due to North Germanic influence, first appearing in Normandy, in northern France. From there, it spread south after the formation of the French Republic, replacing the typical Romance forms still used today in Belgian and Swiss French.

Why do the French count so weird?

The number system in French is derived from that used in Gaulish, the Celtic language spoken in France before the modern Romance language drove it out. If you look at the counting systems of modern Celtic languages like Welsh or Scottish Gaelic, you’ll see a similar pattern to that in French.

How do you say 1000 in France?

  1. Dec 12. 2011. Hichem: @The_Talented Bonjour! 1000 in French is “mille“, as in the expression “en plein dans le mille“, which means “bull’s eye” (“you got it!”)
  2. Oct 19. 2016. Jorja: @The_Talented I think I do I think it is un milliard.

Does French have a word for 80?

French Numbers: 80-89

Likewise, there’s no word for “eighty” in standard French. * The French say quatre-vingts, literally four-twenties. ** So 81 is quatre-vingt-un (four-twenty-one), 82 is quatre-vingt-deux (four-twenty-two), etc.

Why is there no word for 80 in French?

The modern French versions of the numbers 80 and 90 are actually relics from the Middle Ages, when France used a number system based on 20 rather than 10. … By the end of the Middle Ages, however, the modern number forms of trente (30), quarante (40), cinquante (50) and soixante (60) came into common usage.

How do you say zero in French?

How do you say 99 in French?

The French translation for “99 (ninety-nine)” is quatre-vingt-dix-neuf. The French, quatre-vingt-dix-neuf, can be broken down into 2 parts:”80 (eighty)” (quatre-vingts) and “19 (nineteen)” (dix-neuf).

What is 95 called in French?


How do you count funny in French?

What does 50 mean in French?

French Numbers 1-100 Posted by Transparent Language on Sep 15, 2009 in Vocabulary
51cinquante et un[sank-ont-ay-uh]
Sep 15, 2009

What is the French word for 45?

The French translation for “45 (forty-five)” is quarante-cinq.

How do you say seventy in French?

Do you say 15 in French?

How old is French?

Old French (franceis, françois, romanz; Modern French: ancien français) was the language spoken in Northern France from the 8th century to the 14th century.
Old French
Eraevolved into Middle French by the 14th century
Language familyIndo-European Italic Romance Western Gallo-Romance Gallo-Rhaetian Oïl Old French

How do you say 79 in French?