Is it illegal to sell customer data?

Amassing and selling your data like this is perfectly legal. While some states, including California and Vermont, have recently moved to put more restrictions on data brokers, they remain largely unregulated. … There are also few laws governing how social media companies may collect data about their users.

Is it legal to sell customers information?

Companies selling marketing lists are breaking the law if people haven’t been told how their information will be used. … “Whether your company is collecting, using, buying or selling people’s personal information, it must be clear and open with them about what it plans to do with their details.

How much is a client database worth?

The idea being that is you have 1000 clients on your clinic database – when you come to sell the business – you simply multiply the number of clients by a set dollar amount – say $10 per contact – meaning that your database would be worth $10,000 of your sale price.

Is it illegal to sell a client list?

Ken Cassidy states that as long as the names are being sold as part of a business, then it’s perfectly legal. “Clients don’t have anything to say about the matter, because it’s a business transaction.” he says.