How do I turn on ooze pen with button?

If you have an Ooze battery, press the button five times fast within two seconds, without pausing between clicks. If your battery is on, pressing the button will illuminate a light around the button and power the atomizer. If the battery is off, nothing will happen when the button is pressed.

Do I have to hold the button on my ooze pen?

Preheat Mode powers the atomizer without holding down the button. When the battery is on, press the button 2 times fast to turn on the 15 second preheat. We recommend using Preheat Mode when using an atomizer for wax with your Ooze battery. This will heat your concentrate and get it ready for your hit.

How do you use an ooze pen?

How do I turn on ooze slim pen?

Ooze Twist Slim Pen instructions

Click the firing button on the battery five times to turn on/off. The battery will heat while holding the button for 15 seconds. Click the button twice to activate the continuous heating. One click will deactivate the preheat.

How do I turn on ooze pen after charging?

Start by plugging it into the charger. If the pen lights up green and the charger lights up red, your pen is dead! Once your pen reaches full charge, the charger light will turn green and the pen light will shut off, notifying you that your pen is good to go with full battery life.