What size is 700x25c?

700x25c indicates a tire with a 700mm outer diameter and a 25mm width. A third type of tire size might appear on either a mountain or a road tire: 25-622 is the International Standardization Organization (ISO) way of identifying the 700x25c tire in the example above.

Is 700×25 the same as 700x25c?

All those tire sizes you list are the same. If there were different prices for the “700×25” and the “700x25c”, it’s because there was some other difference between the tires, like model, threads per inch, bead type (wire or kevlar), etc…

What is a 25C rim?

Likewise, 25C or 25mm labeled tires usually measure 26mm or 27mm wide. In the case of Easton’s EC90 Aero 55, they recommend an even larger tire-rim width difference.

What does 700×23 25C mean?

1. order by. Some manufacturers (e.g., Specialize) offer two width measurements (e.g., 700×23/25c) to indicate that the carcass is 25 mm wide, but that the tread patch is equivalent to a 23 mm tire.

What size is 25C?

Tire Size Chart
Tire SizeCircumference in MetersCircumference in mm
700 x 23C2.0962096
700 x 25C2.1052105
700C Tubular2.132130
700 x 28C2.1362136

What does C stand for in bike tire size?

E.g., 700x25c. The letter “C” in a tire’s parameters refers to an archaic French standard for bike tire sizing which relied on letters ranging from “A” to “D” to indicate a tire’s width and subsequently the circumference of the corresponding rim.

What is the difference between 700x23c and 700x25c?

There is very little difference between most 700×23 and 700×25 tires. Some manfacturers tires tend to run a little small in some models (my latest continentai 23’s are actually more like 20’s) If your bike came with 23’s you can run 25’s with no worries.

Can you put a 700×25 tire on and 700×23 wheel?

Both sizes will work on the same rims. There is a definite trend in the last year or two to put slightly wider tires on road bikes.

Will 700x25c tube fit 700x23c?

They’ll be fine – I’d certainly use them without question in a 23mm tyre. Most tubes cover a range like 18-25 and 25-38.

Will a 25 tube fit a 23 tire?

You’ll be fine. Tubes are so flexible with their sizing that generally they can run fine even when used way out of spec…

What is the difference between 23 and 23C tires?

The 23 (also mm) was the size of the tire (more or less the diameter of cross section). And the ‘C’ was the size of the rim. There used to be ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ rims (and maybe also a ‘no letter’ rim).

What is the difference between 23 and 25 tires?

a 23mm will let you run lower pressure so a 25mm tire SHOULD give you a smoother ride. I personally think people inflate their tires too high. Once air pressure is out of the equation, wheels can be a big factor in transmitting road buzz.

Can you put 25 tubes in a 28 tire?

Yep, no problem, you can run them in quite a bit larger tires than that.

Can I use a smaller inner tube?

Yes, you can, as long as you don’t go more than one size smaller, or the differential is not too extreme. A 1.25 in a 1.5 is fine. A 1.25 in a 2.25 is likely to have issues with flats. Your LBS will have tubes.

Will 700x28C fit 700x23C?

A: 700x23C & 700x28C are the same tire sizes (diameter). The 23 & 28 denote different tire widths, not tire diameter. Both of these will fit the same diameter rim (700). … However the 23c usually is installed on 19mm to 23mm wide rims.