What is the average cost of Good Feet arch supports?

Most run between $40 and $70. If you see any non-prescription devices selling for more than $85, talk to us or to your podiatrist before spending your money. Prescription orthotics will, of course, cost more, but you are getting much more for your money.

Are good feet orthotics worth it?

They are not bad devices, per se, but they are also not particularly effective arch supports for a majority of patients and they cost many times more than arch supports that in my opinion work much better to eliminate the most common types of foot pain.

What do good feet inserts cost?

Custom orthotics are expensive, costing anywhere from $200 to $800, which doesn’t take into account the associated office visits. Making custom orthotics is a multi-step process that includes a thorough exam of your foot, taking a cast of your foot, and the manufacture and fitting of your orthotics.

Is the Good Feet Store legitimate?

Bruce M Beehler doesn’t recommend The Good Feet Store. The Good Feet Store is nothing more than a Scam, set up to separate good and innocent people from their hard-earned cash. Do not go near this company–it is not going to help your foot pain.

What is the average cost for orthotics?

The cost of custom orthotics typically ranges between $300 and $600. Tip: Check with your medical insurance provider to see how much, if any, coverage they provide for custom orthotics.

Why are orthotics not covered by insurance?

Accommodative, digital, or supportive orthotics are flexible or semi-rigid devices and are used to ease foot pain. Since they do not correct the condition, they are considered comfort and convenience items and are excluded from coverage.

How long has the good feet store been in business?

Starting out as a small family-owned business in 1992, the first Good Feet® Store opened in San Diego, California in 1995 to help people who, like the company’s founder, suffered tremendous foot and back pain that was so crippling their quality of life had deteriorated.

Does Medicare pay for shoe orthotics?

Medicare Part B pays for 80 percent of the approved cost of either custom-made or pre-made orthotic devices. … Medicare categorizes orthotics under the durable medical equipment (DME) benefit.

Can I get my money back from the Good Feet Store?

In the unlikely event that we are unable to provide an arch support to which you can adapt to; you may return your supports for store credit for returned arch supports within 60 days. No exchanges or returns will be accepted for non-lifetime warrantied supports.

Who is the owner of the Good Feet Store?

For Jonathan Cotten, owner of The Good Feet Store, the process was a little bit different. While most people begin with an idea, Jonathan began with pain – foot pain, to be exact.

How many stores does good feet have?

Founded in 1992, The Good Feet Store is the market-leading manufacturer and retailer of premium, personally fitted arch supports, with more than 175 retail locations in the U.S. and abroad.

Who is the founder of The Good Feet Store?

That’s what Joe Paul, founder of Good Feet Worldwide, was banking on when he opened his first arch-support store in Solana, Calif., in 1992.