How many bottles does a Cirkul cartridge last?

How long will one Cirkul flavor cartridge last? A. One Cirkul flavor cartridge (also called a “Sip”) flavors about 6 bottle fill-ups or 132 ounces, depending on the setting used. It’s about the same as six typical bottled beverages.

How many times can you use one Cirkul cartridge?

Ask Us Anything. How long will one Cirkul cartridge last? One Cirkul flavor cartridge (also called a “Sip”) flavors about 6 bottle fill-ups or 132 ounces, depending on the setting used. It’s about the same as six typical bottled beverages.

Are Cirkul cartridges healthy?

Cirkul is advertised as a healthy alternative to sugary drinks and a way to up your water intake. It uses zero calorie, zero sugar ‘sips’ (flavor cartridges) to enhance your everyday water and with over forty different flavors, there is plenty of variety.

How do you clean a Cirkul cartridge?

How to Enjoy – Wash your Cirkul bottle with warm water and dishwashing liquid and rinse thoroughly. Fill your bottle with drinking water and attach the lid. Open the flavor cartridge and insert it in the lid opening by turning it clockwise into place.

Does Cirkul make you lose weight?

Since I tried my Cirkul, I have not touched any soda – it’s a miracle! I have already lost 10 pounds in one month.” Cirkul offers 16 refreshing flavors with lifestyle benefits including vitamins, electrolytes, or caffeine. We all know a big component of losing weight is working out.

Can you try Cirkul for free?

Cirkul. Customize your flavor, drink more water. Try it free.

Which Cirkul flavors use stevia?

Some of the flavors are sweetened with Stevia: Lemon Lime, Berry Pomegranate, Strawberry Lemonade, Blueberry Cranberry, and Mango Grapefruit. Some of the flavors have no added sweetener: Raspberry, Lemon, Peach, Tangerine, Apple, Cucumber, Pear, and Pineapple.

How long does it take to get your Cirkul water bottle?

about two weeks
You’ve created a masterpiece and now you can’t wait to receive it! Custom Cirkul Bottles generally take about two weeks to prepare and print. When your bottle is ready to ship, you’ll receive an email with tracking info.

How many fl oz of water should a woman drink a day?

The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine recommends the following for daily fluid intake: 125 ounces (3.7 liters) for men. 91 ounces (2.7 liters) for women.

What do you use Cirkul cartridges for?

Our cartridges reduce the shipping weight and volume of bottled beverages by about 99%.

To recycle your Sip please follow the steps below:
  1. Pull the cartridge top apart from the cartridge bottom.
  2. Remove the flavor pouch & spout from the cartridge bottom.
  3. Dispose of flavor pouch.
  4. Recycle the cartridge top & bottom.

Can you put ice in Cirkul bottle?

Yes, you can put ice in a Cirkul bottle. Using ice in the bottle to keep your drink cold is safe. But don’t put the bottle itself or the SIP filter into the freezer.

Is Cirkul made in the USA?

It bring innovative design water bottle with Flavor Cartridge to change the way your hydrated drinking, Cirkul water bottle design in Florida. USA, Made in China.

Where is Cirkul located?

Tampa, FL
Company Description: Cirkul, Inc. is located in Tampa, FL, United States and is part of the Plastics Product Manufacturing Industry.

How do you pronounce Cirkul?

How many ounces of water should I drink a day?

The human body comprises around 60% water. It’s commonly recommended that you drink eight 8-ounce (237-mL) glasses of water per day (the 8×8 rule). Although there’s little science behind this specific rule, staying hydrated is important.

Can you use carbonated water with Cirkul?

Use sparkling water! Using sparkling water in your bottle — like with the Cirkul flavored water system — will scratch that itch for bubbly you have and keep you on the path to success.

How much is a life Fuel water bottle?

This smart water bottle houses up to three nutrient-enriched flavor concentrates at a time and dispenses them so you can create your own sport drinks. It also tracks how much water (or sports drink) you drink everyday. The bottle retails for $179 and goes on sale today.

Does Cirkul have caffeine?

Premium teas infused with refreshing all-natural fruit flavors (includes caffeine).

Can you return Cirkul?

We hope you’re satisfied with your purchase but due to the nature of our consumable products we are unable to accept returns or provide refunds. If your order arrived damaged you have 45 days from the date the order processed to notify us via our help desk at

Who made Cirkul?

Cirkul was created by two former student athletes, Garrett and Andy, who were frustrated with the current beverage options. As athletes, they understood the importance of proper hydration, but there was one big problem. Garrett and Andy both found plain water a bit boring at times.

What is Cirkul worth?

Officially launched in 2015, the brand has taken TikTok by storm and is now estimated to be worth over $3.5M. Since their recent rise to fame, Cirkul has added 100 new employees to their existing team of 25.

Is there sugar in Cirkul?

Try Cirkul! The Sips are free from sugar, calories, and artificial colors. The blends are delicious and filled with all-natural flavors from your favorite fruits, teas, and coffees.

What does the Cirkul water bottle come with?

Cirkul is a hydration system designed to help you drink more water and live your healthiest life. Our Starter Kit contains everything you need, including our dishwasher safe Cirkul bottle, leak-proof lid and two flavor cartridges LifeSip Fruit Punch and FitSip Mixed Berry to try!