What is each repetition of a loop called?

 Each repetition of a loop is called an iteration.

What is a variable that is used to accumulate a total called?

Accumulator. A variable that is used to accumulate the total of a series of numbers. Accumulator.

When writing a loop and the exact number of iterations is known we normally will use?

You can use a WHILE loop and a FOR loop interchangeably. But normally you use a FOR loop when you know the exact number of iterations of the loop. You use a WHILE loop when the number of iterations is not known a priori. You can also nest one loop inside another or a conditional inside a loop or vice versa.

How many times will the following Do While loop be executed?

The do- while loop must be terminated with a semicolon. When the break statement is encountered in a loop, all the statements in the body of the loop that appear after it are ignored, and the loop prepares for the next iteration. This type of loop will always be executed at least once.

What are accumulator variables?

An accumulator is a variable that the program uses to calculate a sum or product of a series of. values. A computer program does this by having a loop that adds or multiplies each successive. value onto the accumulator.

Which of the following is a count control loop?

3.Number of iterationKnown number of iteration.
4.Value of variableThe value of the variable is strict.
5.Limitation of variableThe Limitation of the variable is strict also.
6.ExampleA while loop is an example of counter controlled loop.
Jul 2, 2020

How many times will the body of the loop in the given C# program execute?

3 Answers. As you’ve stated, the body of the while loop will indeed execute two times, and not three.

How many times does the code inside the while loop get executed in this program?

Answer: 12 times

Because there is change happening in the value contained in variable ‘m’ inside the loop. The value is depreciated by value 15 (contained in the variable ‘n’). Thus, each time the loop executes, the condition is checked by taking the value stored in the ‘m’ and ‘n’ variable.

Is for loop A count-controlled loop?

The for loop as a Count-Controlled loop iterates a specific number of times. In the for clause, variable is the name of a variable.

Why is the loop variable also called counter variable?

Why is a for loop called a counter control loop? – Quora. For loop is executed based on the value of a variable. How many times the loop is executed depends on the increment of this variable. On each succesful entry to the loop after the required condition is satisfied,a variable is incremented.

How do you count a loop?

There are usually six components to a counting loop:
  1. Setup statements. Statements before the loop that do something that needs to be done exactly once before the loop starts. …
  2. Index initialization statement. …
  3. Index control expression. …
  4. Body statements. …
  5. Index update statement. …
  6. Final statements.

What is a count-controlled loop quizlet?

count-controlled loop. A loop that repeats a specific number of times. Only $35.99/year. Loop iteration.

What is a loop control variable Java?

A common use of loops is the one in which the loop makes use of a variable (called control variable) that at each iteration is changed by a constant value, and whose value determines the end of the loop.

What is a count-controlled loop explain with an example?

A count-controlled loop is used when the number of iterations to occur is already known. A count-controlled loop is so called because it uses a counter to keep track of how many times the algorithm has iterated.

What 3 actions do count-controlled loops typically perform using the counter variable?

What three actions do coint-controlled loops typically perform using the counter variable? Initialization, test, and increment.

What are condition-controlled loops?

Condition-controlled loops have a condition that is tested at the start of the iteration to determine whether or not the iteration should occur. … As long as the condition is being met (ie is true), the iteration continues. If the condition is never met, then the program loops infinitely.

What is the difference between a condition and count-controlled loop?

4 Answers. Don’t overthink this: for loop if you have something that has to be done for a exact number of times, while loop if you want something done while a condition is true. “Counter controlled” means that you know exactly the number of times the loop has to be executed.

What actions involve the counter in a count-controlled loop?

Count-controlled loops use a counter (also referred to as loop index) which counts specific items or values and causes the execution of the loop to terminate when the counter has incremented or decremented a set number of times.

Why would a conditional loop be used when writing code?

A condition-controlled loop would be used because there is no way of knowing in advance how many more numbers will need to be entered before the algorithm stops. A condition-controlled loop is used when it is not known how many times iteration is required to occur. Steps that are part of the loop are indented .

What does the term body of the loop mean?

The body of the loop is the statement or statements that are indented 4 or more spaces to the right of the while statement. A logical expression is one that is either true or false like x > 3 . While loops are typically used when you don’t know how many times to execute the loop.

What are the two different types of loops that are used within the Python language choose two?

There are two types of loops — those that repeat an action a predefined number of times(definite iteration) and those that perform the action until the program determines that it needs to stop (indefinite iteration).

Why would you indent the statements in the body of a loop?

By indenting the statements, you make them stand out from the surrounding code. This helps you to identify at a glance the statements that are conditionally executed by a loop. 2. A pretest loop tests its condition before each iteration.

What is the purpose of priming read?

What is a priming read? What is its purpose? It is the input operation that takes place just before an input validation loop. The purpose of the priming read is to get the first input value.

What is a requirement of the sentinel controlled loop shared by counter controlled loops?

What is a requirement of the sentinel-controlled loop shared by counter-controlled loops? The conditional expression must be set up prior to the loop. A counter must be initialized on the outside of the loop. A counter must be incremented inside the loop body.