How much does TJ Maxx pay to start?

TJ Maxx Inc Jobs by Hourly Rate
Job TitleRangeAverage
Job Title:Sales AssociateRange:$9 – $14Average:$11
Retail Sales AssociateRange:$9 – $15Average:$11
Customer Service CoordinatorRange:$9 – $16Average:$12
Merchandise CoordinatorRange:$11 – $16Average:$13
Dec 19, 2021

How much do TJ Maxx cashiers make?

The typical TJ Maxx Cashier salary is $11 per hour. Cashier salaries at TJ Maxx can range from $8 – $16 per hour. This estimate is based upon 200 TJ Maxx Cashier salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

How much does TJX pay per hour?

TJX Companies Inc Jobs by Hourly Rate
Job TitleRangeAverage
Loss Prevention AssociateRange:$12 – $18Average:$14
Customer Service CoordinatorRange:$8 – $16Average:$11
CashierRange:$9 – $16Average:$11
Retail Sales AssociateRange:$9 – $16Average:$11

Does TJ Maxx pay well?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $71,276 and as low as $17,204, the majority of TJ MAXX Merchandise Associate salaries currently range between $24,577 (25th percentile) to $58,986 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $69,800 annually in California.

Is TJ Maxx a good place to work?

On average, employees at T.J. Maxx give their company a 3.4 rating out of 5.0 – which is 14% lower than the average rating for all companies on CareerBliss. The happiest T.J. Maxx employees are Customer Service Representatives submitting an average rating of 3.9 and Sales Associates with a rating of 3.7.

Does TJ Maxx pay holiday pay?

If you are full time you get paid 7 hours holiday pay for 7 holidays out of the year. If you are part-time you get paid 4 hours holiday pay but for less than 7 holidays a year.

Does Walmart pay $15 an hour?

Walmart workers who are members of United for Respect for Walmart are pushing for a $15 minimum wage at the company. … In recent years, Walmart’s competitors have raised their hourly minimum wage to $15 an hour, including Target in 2020, Amazon in 2018 and Costco to $17 an hour in 2021.

How long is a TJ Maxx interview?

The interviews are brief and generally only take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete.

What is the hourly wage at Target?

Target in California Salaries
Job TitleLocationSalary
Target Team Member salaries – 211 salaries reportedCalifornia$15/hr
Target Cashier salaries – 203 salaries reportedCalifornia$12/hr
Security Specialist salaries – 190 salaries reportedCalifornia$82,217/yr
Sales Associate salaries – 182 salaries reportedCalifornia$15/hr
4 days ago

What is Amazon Starting pay?

Amazon hiring for jobs in California with average hourly pay of $18, sign-on bonus.

Is Walmart paying $20 an hour?

Walmart has announced that it is holding a two-day supply chain national hiring event this week with an average wage offer of $20.37 per hour for its associates and operators. The company’s hiring event comes as many industries experience supply chain issues and labor shortages amid the nearing holiday season.

Does Sam’s Club pay 15 an hour?

In a tight labor market where many jobs are going begging, mega-retailer Sam’s Club is fighting the trend by raising its minimum wage to $15 per hour.

How much do UPS pay?

How much does UPS pay? The average UPS salary ranges from approximately £32,163 per year for an UPS Driver to £67,790 per year for a Manager. The average UPS hourly pay ranges from approximately £13 per hour for a Parcel Sorter to £16 per hour for a Delivery Driver.

How much does Fedex pay an hour?

Fedex Express in Calgary, AB Area SalariesJob TitleLocationSalaryCourier salaries – 4 salaries reportedCalgary, AB Area$20/hrRamp Handler salaries – 3 salaries reportedCalgary, AB Area$20/hrCourier Driver salaries – 3 salaries reportedCalgary, AB Area$20/hrCourier salaries – 2 salaries reportedCalgary, AB Area$23/hr

How much is Amazon paying an Hour 2021?

Amazon is raising its average hourly US wage to $18 an hour for warehouse workers, the company said this week, putting more pressure on other employers in a tight labor market. Just four years ago, the giant retailer increased its starting wage to $15 an hour.

Who pays more FedEx or UPS?

‍The pay. According to Glassdoor in December 2020, FedEx part-time couriers can expect to earn approximately $18 an hour on average. As for UPS, part-time personal vehicle drivers earn an average wage of approximately $21 an hour.

How much do DPD drivers get?

Currently DPD drivers earn on average £22,000 a year, according to data from jobs website Indeed. But, the new self-employed worker contract is designed to give drivers earnings of £28,800 a year, based on working five days a week, along with 28 annual days’ holiday, a pension and sick pay.

How much do UPS drivers make a day?

The national average salary for a UPS Driver is $62,733 in United States….UPS Driver Salaries.Job TitleSalaryUPS UPS Driver salaries – 338 salaries reported$33/hrUPS UPS Driver salaries – 45 salaries reported$23/hrUPS UPS Driver salaries – 18 salaries reported$22/hrUPS UPS Driver salaries – 16 salaries reported$23/hr