What does unvanquished mean in Freak the Mighty?

Unvanquished. not able to be defeated. 2. Scuttle. A short, hurried run; to scurry.

Who killed Freak In Freak the Mighty?

Killer Kane
Killer Kane pleads guilty. After having a seizure on his birthday, Freak is admitted into the hospital, where he gives Max a blank book, telling him to write the story of Freak the Mighty in it. Max returns to the hospital the next day to find that Freak died because his heart became too big for his body.

What is the moral of the story in Freak the Mighty?

Lesson Summary

In Rodman Philbrick’s young adult novel Freak the Mighty, some of the themes include isolation versus friendship; that people are not always what they seem; and that with persistence and the right people around you, you can overcome any obstacle.

Is the story Freak the Mighty true?

Freak the Mighty is not based on a true story. It is a novel, which means that it is fictional.

What is Kenny Kane plan in Freak the Mighty?

Kenny divulges his plan to be a traveling preacher and make money from collecting offerings from his congregations. The police are closing in on them and Kevin is helping. Kenny is suspicious of Iggy, who then tries to blame Max for stealing Loretta’s purse.

What does Max do after freak dies?

He also said that most people go through life never having a friend like Freak. Q. What does Max do after Freak dies? … Max finds he likes school now that everyone is being nice to him because his best friend died.

Why does Max call Kevin a freak?

Before long, Kevin begins riding on top of Max’s shoulders everywhere they go. While Max has the physical strength that Kevin lacks, Kevin is the brains of the operation. Together, they become ‘Freak the Mighty’.

Who Dies in Freak the Mighty?

The character who dies in Freak the Mighty is Kevin, one of the principal ones. He dies because of the Morquio Syndrome, which is a particular condition that he has since his birth.

What is freak getting for his birthday Why?

Freak wants a real helicopter for his birthday. Teenagers don’t play with toys. Instead, he gets a computer with a modem so he can connect to this newfangled thing called “The Internet.” Maybe you’ve heard of it? (At the time, it was cutting edge.)

Why does Freak’s mother the Fair Gwen apologize to Maxwell in Chapter 5?

Freak’s mother apologizes to Max because of her behavior when she saw Max for the first time. She acted afraid of him and ran away, rushing Freak home with her. It turns out that Max’s mother knew his father when they were younger who was a bad person and is now in jail.

Why did Freak keep whacking the tree with his crutch *?

Why did Freak keep whacking the tree with his crutch? He was angry at the movers. He was trying to kill a bee. He was trying to get his ornithopter down.

Why does Freak call his mother the Fair Gwen?

In Freak the Might by Rodman Philbrick, the beautiful Gwen is Kevin’s mother. Kevin, or Freak as Max affectionately calls him, calls his mother the ‘Fair Gwen of Air’ because of his obsession with King Arthur and the Fair Guinevere.

Why does Kevin mouth off to Tony D in Freak the Mighty?

lip because he believes that Max take him. Max doesn’t agree because he has to fight his whole gang not just Tony D.. What is Max’s solution to Freak’s problem of not being able to see the fireworks?

What is chapter 5 about in Freak the Mighty?

In Chapter 5 of Freak the Mighty, by Rodman Philbrick, Max becomes acquainted with his new friend Kevin’s mother, Gwen. The first time she saw Max, she looked scared to death and ran away with Kevin. Unsure about how to take her reaction, Max is surprised to learn that Gwen has a history with his family.

Why is Max crying at the end of the chapter?

Max cries because he is happy. What happens to Max and Freak when they are walking to the millpond to see the fireworks? … and his gang chase Freak and Max, but because Freak is on Max’s shoulders he can direct Max into the millpond, where they escape but get stuck in the mud.

What was Killer Kane’s plea before going to trial?

Lesson Summary

Killer Kane is charged with a parole violation in addition to violation of a restraining order, abduction of a minor, and two counts of attempted murder. The terms of Kane’s plea bargain will keep him in prison for a very long time.

Who is Max a spitting image of?

Gwen explains how she and his mother were friends until his mom married “that man.” Seems like no one really wants to talk about Max’s dad. She says she’s sorry for how she reacted. Freak spills the beans and tells him it’s because Max is the spitting image of his father.

Why was Max the only person who didnt feel sorry for poor Kevin?

Why didn’t Max feel sorry for “poor Kevin”? Max didn’t feel sorry for Kevin because he perceived him as a very intelligent human being while others saw him only as a deformed human being.